Chip Technology Cards

CNB issues debit cards with chip technology. The embedded chip provides enhanced security and wider international acceptance.  Watch the video below to learn all about chipped cards:


How to use your chip card:

  • Chip-Enabled Terminals
    • Insert your card, face up and chip end into the terminal and then leave the card in the terminal during the entire transaction.  Follow the instructions on the screen and either sign your name or enter your PIN as needed. Be sure to remove your card and take your receipt when the transaction is complete.
  • Non Chip-Enabled Terminals
    • If a terminal is not yet chip-enabled, you will 'swipe' your card to make your purchase. Chip cards will continue to have the magnetic stripe on the back.
  • Online or Phone Transactions
    • Provide your card information as you have done in the past. Chip cards will not change the way payments are made online or by telephone.
  • ATM Transactions
    • A PIN is needed for ATM transactions. Depending on if the ATM is chip-enabled, you will either insert your card and leave it in the ATM until the transaction is complete or you will 'swipe' your card and then follow the prompts on the screen.


Questions about your card?

If you have any questions about your debit card, you can visit any branch or speak to a Debit Card Representative at (432) 262-1663. 

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